Friday, May 9, 2003

How male or female is your brain?

"They just can't help it"

"What kind of brain do you have? There really are big differences between
 the male and female brain, says Simon Baron-Cohen."

The author has written a book ("The Essential Difference") to explain 
his theory.

"How male or female is your brain?" - Take the tests

There are two components in the theory, Empathy Quotient (EQ) and Systemising
Quotient (SQ). The relationship between these two numbers is used to
determine what type of brain you have: male, female or balanced.

Two questionnaires are provided to help you work out your EQ and SQ.
Interactive versions of the questionnaires (Flash required) are provided:
  EQ  <,13249,937836,00.html>
  SQ  <,13249,937835,00.html>

Non-interactive versions are also available, but you have to work out your
scores manually:
  EQ  <,13235,937442,00.html>
  SQ  <,13235,937441,00.html>

Each quiz has 60 questions.

My scores:
  EQ = 43 (slightly above average for a male)
  SQ = 48 (above average)

To find out your brain type, use the instructions on this page: