Thursday, December 9, 2004

Smelly Stories

1. "Organisers worried about smell of horse dung at VMAs"
"The ceremony is taking place in the Tore di Valle racecourse in Rome
 later and bosses are worried the overpowering smell of manure will
 offend star guests"

2. "Manure mishap provides new car smell"
"A Dutch driver was covered in hundreds of litres of manure when a tank
 burst on a truck carrying fertiliser"

3. "French cheese the smelliest"
"Academics at Cranfield University north of London said Friday that
 Vieux Boulogne, a Normandy cheese made from cow's milk, was the
 smelliest of 15 cheeses tested. Two other Normandy cheeses, Pont
 l'Eveque and Camembert, came in second and third"

4. "Pungent-smelling flower expected to draw crowd"
"A newly-bloomed, giant Indonesian flower is expected to draw huge
 crowds to Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens over the next few days with
 its foul smell"

5. "Las Vegas to spend $100,000 to solve mystery of downtown stench"
"Along with neon lights and casinos, the downtown area of Las Vegas
 has become known for the 'Stench of Fremont Street' - and city
 officials are fed up"

6. "Whose nose knows? Concord looking for sniffers"
"In an effort to deal with complaints about odors, Concord officials
 have hired a Massachusetts company to identify and quantify exactly
 what smells are bothering residents"

7. "Emails set to arrive with scent"
"A British Internet service provider plans to market a 'scent dome',
 which would plug into customers' computers much like a printer"

As you read the stories listed here, it's a good thing you don't have
one of those 'scent domes' installed  :)

(a John West post)