Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Feral Children + August Postings Reprised

1. Feral Children
"Feral children, also known as wild children or wolf children, are children
 who've grown up with minimal human contact, or even none at all.  They may
 have been raised by animals (often wolves) or somehow survived on their own.
 In some cases, children are confined and denied normal social interaction
 with other people."
A very comprehensive site.

A list of isolated, confined and feral children

Recently in the news:
* Siberian boy 'brought up by dog'
"A seven-year-old boy who has been brought up by a dog for the past six years
 has reportedly been found in Siberia"
* Man was raised by chickens
"Social workers in Fiji are trying to rehabilitate a 32-year-old man they say
 was raised by chickens"

2. August Postings Reprised

[Foiled Thieves]
* "Woman swallows money to defy robbers"
"A Peruvian woman has swallowed the equivalent of $800 in cash to avoid being
 robbed by a gang ... The 35-year-old rolled all the notes up individually and
 swallowed them one by one"

[What Are The Odds Of ...]
* "Double quads make Liverpool hospital history"
"Two sets of quads have born at a Liverpool hospital just days apart"
* "Freak 'egg inside egg' stuns producer"
"A free-range egg producer on the mid-north coast of New South Wales is
 scratching her head over the appearance of a giant egg with a second egg
 inside it"
* "Seafaring father and son rescued, twice"
"When British coastguards rescued a man and his small son who had managed to
 get their tiny inflatable boat stranded on mudflats, they probably thought it
 was the last they would see of the hapless pair.  However the father and his
 eight-year-old promptly went out and bought another toy vessel and had to be
 saved again after drifting far out to sea off western England - the very next

* "morfeo (couch)"