Tuesday, January 4, 2005

A Modern Guide to Parenting

1. "Kids naughty, so dad sells their gifts on eBay"
"There's not much laughter today at the home of a Pasadena information
 technology specialist who has decided to auction off his kids' Christmas
 presents - and possibly dismantle the family tree - because the young-
 sters, ages 9, 11 and 15, have been naughty, not nice"

2. "Father shames his 'tearaway' kids on the internet"
"He says that, because he loves his children so much, he has taken the
 desperate step of publicly humiliating them on the local community
 website in a bid to save them from spiralling into trouble"

3. "Parents go on strike, move out to protest messy kids"  [expired link]
"Cat and Harlan Barnard say their 17-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter
 haven't been helping out around the house, and the dishes, garbage and
 dirty laundry have been piling up. So they have lived in a tent in their
 front yard since Monday morning and have only gone in the house to use
 the restroom or shower"
   "'Striking' parents vow to continue protest"
"A couple from the US state of Florida has marked one week on strike in
 front of their home and vowed not to end the protest camp-out until their
 kids start doing their fair share of the household chores"

4. "Protective father 'shocks daughter's boyfriend'"
"An over-protective father in Germany has allegedly warned off his step-
 daughter's new boyfriend with an electro-shocker"

5. "Kenyan stepmother made boy sleep in chicken coop"
"Kenyan police said on Thursday they had rescued an 18-year-old boy who
 was forced by his stepmother to sleep in a chicken coop for the past 10

6. "Central Florida parents who chained wild teens avoid prosecution"
"A woman and ex-husband accused of chaining her teenage sons to their
 beds in an effort to control their criminal behavior avoided prosecution
 by agreeing to an 18-month intervention program"

7. "Toddlers eat 'horrifying' diet"
"Nine out of 10 toddlers are allowed to eat junk food"

I'm not sure whether Dr Spock would approve ...