Friday, August 6, 2004

The Simpsons Stuff

1. Guide to Springfield USA (of The Simpsons fame)
Features a "Big Map", plus lists of places mentioned in past episodes (physical
features, districts, landmarks, shops, restaurants, offices, schools, public
buildings and private residences)

"The Simpsons ... contains over a hundred instances of mathematics ranging
 from arithmetic to geometry to calculus, many designed to expose and poke
 fun at innumeracy"

Futurama pi k - Mathematics in the Year 3000
Futurama is another Matt Groening creation, but set in the future.

3. The Simpsons Personality Test
"Find out which character from The Simpsons you are most like!"

4. From the B-List archive: The Simpsons Archive
"the Internet's clearinghouse  of Simpsons guides, news, and information"