Tuesday, January 11, 2005

S. American Art Collection

Lately I've noticed that the news site ananova.com seems to have a
fascination with unusual examples of South American art, especially
from Chile.  Here's a sample...

1. "Artist uses GI Joe to recreate masters"
"A Chilean artist has opened an exhibition in which he recreates famous
 paintings with plastic toys"

2. "Artist turns animals into everyday objects"
"A Chilean artist is making a name for herself with an exhibition in
 which stuffed animals are transformed into household objects"

3. "Artist wraps three floors with elastic ribbon"
"A Chilean artist has wrapped three floors of a building with elastic

4. "Exhibition of discarded shoes opens in Chile"
"A new art exhibition of shoes recovered from Chilean beaches, has
 opened in the capital Santiago"

5. "New exhibition scoured from bins"
"An Argentine artist is opening an exhibition of photographs he's
 collected from the dustbins of Buenos Aires"

6. "Artist's ripping new show"
"A Chilean artist is ripping up pictures, gluing them back together
 and then ripping them up again for a new exhibition"

7. "Artist's condom career"
"A Brazilian artist makes clothes and sculptures out of different
 coloured condoms"

8. "Artworks are meaty"
"A Chilean artist has opened a new exhibition of her work - all made
 out of meat"