Friday, November 24, 2006

Odds and Ends, Fri 24 Nov 2006

1. "The Forbes Fictional 15"
"The rich may be different than you and me--but not nearly as different
 as the characters that comprise the Forbes Fictional 15, our annual
 listing of fiction's very wealthiest. This year's selection includes
 a duck, a wizard, a Nigerian prince and even a plumber. Aggregate
 (fictional) net worth? $111 billion."

2. Buzzword Generator

3. Mission Statement Generator

4. Performance Review Generator

5. Pop-up Potpourri: It's Getting a Little NaN Outside

6. Carry Your iPod in a Book

7. "That's the Way the Spaghetti Crumbles"
"Great scientists sometimes do silly experiments. The renowned physicist
 and Nobel prize winner Richard P. Feynman, for instance, once got it
 into his head to figure out why uncooked spaghetti doesn't snap neatly
 in two when you bend it far enough to break. Pay attention next time,
 and you'll notice that the pasta tends to shatter into three or more
 fragments of unequal lengths."