Monday, January 17, 2005

Treasure Hunt

1. "Farmers search for bandit king's fortune"
"The death of India's bandit king has sparked a treasure hunt for his
 fabulous wealth believed to be stashed in secret caves and tree holes
 deep inside a forest, officials said"

2. "Man fills in historic treasure after row with officials"
"A Dutch artist who discovered historic treasure in his garden has decided
 to cover his find up"

3. "Buried lottery winnings"
"A Bergen man who won at least over NOK 1 million (USD 152,000) in a
 lottery has found a way to keep his creditors from touching any of his
 unexpected windfall - the old-fashioned burial method"

4. "Roman treasure found in pond dig"
"A man unearthed a priceless hoard of 20,000 Roman coins as he dug a new
 fishpond in his back garden"

5. "Treasure trove for Wiltshire two"
"Julian Adams and Andrew Mitchell found the seven silver coins near
 Salisbury, which could date back as early as AD356, an inquest hearing
 has heard"

6. "Ancient Javanese coins wash up in London"
"Archaeologists in London have found a bundle of 17th century coins from
 Java buried in mud on the banks of the River Thames"

7. "Buried treasure dug up"  [expired link]
"Two police officers hit pay dirt in a Browns Mills woman's back yard
 this week when they unearthed $50,000 in cash she had buried"

(a John West post)