Monday, December 13, 2004

Super Shopping Trolleys

1. "Tesco plans anti-tantrum trolley"
"Designers are working on a shopping trolley that plays DVDs, CDs and
 educational games for children"

2. "Supermarket dumps speaking trolleys"
"A supermarket in Austria is dumping speaking trolleys and robotic
 cleaners because they've been annoying shoppers"

3. "Trolley offers supermarket workout"
"'It is a standard trolley but with the sort of fitness attachments
 you would find in a gym, enabling you do a workout while you shop'"

4. "Inventor cracks trolley problem"
"An inventor claims to have solved the problem of supermarket trolleys
 that refuse to go in a straight line"

5. "Firm claims to banish trolley wobbles"
"A company based in Kent has claimed to have solved the age-old
 problem of wobbly supermarket trolleys"

6. "Trolley toll tops $1m"
"New research reveals shopping trolleys cause about $1 million worth of
 damage to Australia's cars every year, with 'runaway' trolleys the
 worst offenders"

7. "Jet-powered shopping trolley"
"A Suffolk man has created the world's fastest shopping trolley - by
 fitting a jet engine"

(a John West post)