Monday, September 6, 2004

Animal Rescue

1. "Man rescues cat; Cat saves man from fire"
"A man who rescued a stray cat from the cold got the favor returned on Sunday
 when the cat woke him as his house filled with smoke"

2. "'Miracle' dog saves family from fire"
"A Melbourne family rescued from fire by a guide dog this morning say their
 escape is a miracle"

3. "Dog saves garage in blaze of glory"
"A family garage and most of its contents have been saved in the Victorian
 town of Sunshine, thanks to the efforts of the family dog"

4. "Dog's barking helps to rescue owner"
"A 43-year-old man has been rescued off rocks on a Dunsborough beach in
 Western Australia's south-west thanks to the efforts of his dog"

5. "Well aimed dog bite saves hiker in bear attack"
"A hiker attacked by a brown bear in a forest in Slovakia has been rescued by
 his dog after it bit the bear on the backside"

6. "Hero dog recovering from rattlesnake bites"
"Jet the dog ... is being credited for protecting his 10-year-old owner from
 being bitten by a rattlesnake"

7. "Heroic goat rescues little girls from rabid dogs"
"A domestic goat saved three children from stray dogs in the town of Guyvoron
 in the Kirovograd region, Ukraine"

8. "Cow drags farmer to safety"
"A New Zealand farmer escaped from a flooded river by hanging on to one of
 her cows as it struggled through the raging waters"

9. "Cat helps cops in stand-off"  [expired]
"Man threatening to shoot police distracted when they throw his feline at him"