Friday, December 17, 2004

Oops! Did I Do That?

1. "Man blows up car trying to defrost it"
"A Croatian man blew up his frozen car after trying to warm it by lighting
 a fire under the engine"

2. "Man's cleaning zeal destroys flat"
"The man used several different cleaning products to clean the bath,
 shower and toilet at his home in Almere... a chemical reaction between
 the cocktail of cleaning products caused the blast"

3. "Man attacks stain in trousers...destroys apartment"
"The unnamed Muscovite added a liter of petrol to his washing machine to
 help dissolve the stain ... but the ensuing explosion wrecked his kitchen
 and demolished two internal walls"

4. "Trying to save money man brings the house down"
"Wharton thought he was removing a thin partition with his claw hammer,
 but attacked a supporting wall instead as he was trying to extend the
 ground-floor living room in his rented flat"

5. "Brewing up some trouble: Beer-making blamed for city house fire"
"A man's efforts to brew beer at home resulted in a fire that destroyed
 his East Market Street apartment"

6. "Maker's Mark bourbon backs a punch at 50"
"To signify a new beginning with a new recipe, bourbon maker Bill Samuels
 set fire to his family's 170-year-old formula - sparking an explosion
 that burned a hole in the ceiling and singed his daughter's hair"

7. "Using a lighter under to bed to search for a shoe"
"A student's room has been gutted after he used a cigarette lighter to
 search for a lost shoe under his bed"

8. "Automatic key fob blows up car"
"An Austrian motorist blew up his car when he tried to open it with his
 remote control key fob... He was carrying two containers of oxy-acetaline
 gas in his car boot... When the owner of the car used the remote, a spark
 set off the mixture of gas and air inside the car"

9. "Electronic key blows up car"
"The explosion was apparently caused by a spark from the security system
 igniting gas cylinders the man had in his boot, one of which apparently
 had a leak"

10. "German burns down house trying to impress girlfriend"
"The unnamed man had laid out hundreds of candles in the shape of a heart
 carrying the words 'You set my heart on fire'. The 18-year-old had hoped
 the gesture would have impressed his girlfriend. Instead the heat was so
 intense it melted the candle wax onto the floor where it ignited"