Wednesday, December 8, 2004

How Not to Handle Money

1. "Man drops 11,000 euros in toilet"
"'While using the loo, his 11,000 fell out of his clothes and disappeared
 down the toilet landing on the railway track'"

2. "Man throws 10K in bin"
"Alvaro Weyne ... thought the bin would be an ideal place to hide the
 money. But the cleaner at Mr Weyne's company was not aware of the 'ideal
 hiding place' and threw all the bin contents away"

3. "Woman loses $17,000 in fast food restaurant"
"Maria Morales says she doesn't trust banks and was carrying $17,000 in
 her purse... She went into the Burger King in Bakersfield when the bag

4. "Norwegian mistakenly burns cash for heat"
"What he realized too late was that the paper he used to start the blaze
 was a stack of bills, worth about 15,000 kroner (US$2,400; euro 1,830)"

5. "A very expensive mistake"
"A 77-year-old Japanese woman sewed two million yen - more than $24,000
 - into the sash of a kimono to keep it safe from thieves, and then
 absent-mindedly gave the garment away, a report said"

6. "Man donates over £1K - by accident"
"Age Concern is refusing to hand back a man £1,400 he accidently left in
 a top"