Friday, May 30, 2003

The Microsoft iLoo Saga + May Postings Reloaded

1. The Microsoft iLoo Saga

You may have heard about Microsoft's new must-have product, the iLoo. 
First it was announced in an official press release, next MS said it 
was a prank, then finally they admitted it was an actual product idea.

* "MSN Launches World's First 'Internet Loo'" - Press release

* "Busted flush"

* "iLoo plans go down the tube"

* "Microsoft Tries To Close the Lid on iLoo"

If you're game, check out other "Technotoilet" ideas:

2. May Postings Reloaded

[Name The Movie]
* "Bird attack on German woman recalls Hitchcock frightener"
* "Flock of crows goes Hitchcock"

[SMS Alerts]
* "Man sacked by SMS takes on employer"
* "Stricken sailors alert coastguard by text"

[That's Bogus]
* "'Muggings' Via Technology"

[Celebrity Watch]
* "Oops! Bill Gates, Tom Brokaw forget to pay for coffees at South Dakota cafe"

[New Crime-Fighting Techniques]
* "Proposal: Webcams to keep homeland safe"