Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Animal Intruders

1. "Wild boar spotted in supermarket"
"A wild boar is on the loose in a Gloucestershire town after being spotted
 wandering into a supermarket"

2. "Goat in bank"
"[H]e broke in, charging the glass doors at the Bank of America on Broadway"

3. "Deer breaks into Conn. beauty salon"
"An intruder at a local business turned out to be as destructive as a bull
 in a china shop because it was a deer in a beauty salon"

4. "Bear takes over police station"
"Police in Belarus locked themselves into a patrol car for hours after a
 1,000lb bear took over their police station"

5. "Bear wanders through Japanese hospital - twice"
"A hungry 100-kilogram wild bear wandered into a hospital in northern Japan,
 terrifying a patient, and then escaped through a glass emergency exit in
 panic, only to return later"

6. "Bear and cub breach security at Russian nuclear site"
"A female bear and her cub have caused a major security breach after they
 walked into a top-secret nuclear research site in southern Russia"

7. "Rooster 'keeps coming back to chicken restaurant'"
"A rooster in America has found a new home that he keeps returning to - the
 foyer of a takeaway chicken restaurant"

8. "Stowaway cat attacks pilot"
"A Bangladeshi pilot needed first aid after a stowaway cat got into the
 cockpit of his aircraft and attacked him"

9. "Hunter called as piggish guest found to be terrible boar"
"[T]he beast rammed through the bolted front door of an apartment bloc and
 stormed up to the sixth floor"

10. "Rats, the bats had taken over the flat"
"A Czech woman is looking for a new home after hundreds of bats moved into
 her flat while she went on holiday"

11. "Has anyone seen Alfred Hitchcock lately?"
"The winged pests [pigeons] are not just nesting on the balcony of her
 Gloucester flat - they've now started to fly indoors"

12. "Piggy in the middle "
"A football match in Austria was brought to a standstill when a piglet ran on
 to the pitch"