Monday, November 20, 2006

Our Multicultural Prime Minister

The Annual APEC summit ended in Hanoi yesterday.  As is customary, the
leaders of the APEC countries posed for their "class photo" wearing
traditional costumes from the host nation.  Here's a photo of the class
of 2006:

It's good to see the "Man of Steel" embracing Asian cultures.  He always
manages to look a picture of sartorial elegance.  The link below is a
gallery of past APEC photos featuring Australia's representative:

Complete APEC class photos are available from the official APEC web site:
Just click on the "Economy Representatives" link for the relevant year.

Next year the APEC summit will be held in Australia.  I wonder what the
"traditional" costume will be?  Singlet, stubbies and thongs maybe?

You may be surprised to know that the PM has a blog.  Here's his post about
the APEC summit in 2004: