Monday, November 8, 2004

Possible Overreactions

1. "Family dinner escalates into shootout"
"A family meal erupted into a gunbattle after a father and son clashed over how
 to cook chicken"

2. "Policewoman shot brother in row over butter"
"A Tennessee police woman says she accidentally shot her brother in an argument
 over a tub of butter"

3. "Stabbed with fork over $2 bill"
"A Malaysian man is in custody after he allegedly stabbed an Indian waiter with
 a fork following a heated dispute in a restaurant over a $3 bill"

4. "Woman allegedly stabs brother over 'stinky socks'"
"An argument over smelly socks apparently led a St. Paul woman to stab her
 brother to death"

5. "Mother repeatedly stabs boy over stuffed animal"
"A mother repeatedly stabbed her 10-year-old son in the arm with a steak knife,
 allegedly because he and his brother destroyed her favorite stuffed animal"

6. "Man killed over DIY noise"
"An English court has handed down a 10-year sentence to a man who murdered his
 neighbour because the noise from his do-it-yourself improvements was annoying

7. "Man shot for mowing lawn too much"  [expired link]

8. "Sneezing mooner gets a church bruising"
"Police in western Germany were called to a city church on Friday after two
 women began fighting outside because one of them could not stand the other's
 incessant sneezing during a service"