Wednesday, July 7, 2004

New Taste-Bud Treats

1. "Beer ice cream goes on sale"
"The distinctive taste of Newcastle Brown Ale has become the latest ice cream
 flavour from a family-run Northumberland dairy"

2. "Firm sells out of Turkey & Gravy flavour fizzy drink"

3. "Cheesecake Kit Kat? Give us a break"
"Sales of Kit Kat, Britain's most popular chocolate bar, have plummeted so far
 that the manufacturer is contemplating lemon cheesecake, liquorice and even
 curry flavoured versions"

4. "Bananas are not the only fruit"
"One leading seller is testing the idea of fruit flavoured versions in an
 effort to make bananas more appealing"

5. "Chilean firm says new mushroom tastes like meat"

6. "Fancy a coffee-flavoured steak?"
"Rippe?s, a local waterfront steak and seafood restaurant, began serving filet
 mignon steaks dusted with Starbucks?s dark espresso blend a few weeks ago and
 now has a runaway hit on its hands"

7. "Restaurant keeps brain sandwiches on menu"
"Fear of mad cow disease hasn't kept Cecelia Coan from eating her beloved
 deep-fried cow-brain sandwiches"

8. "Pork choc on the menu in Ukraine"
"For the equivalent of 1 pound you can now get four small sticks of salo
 covered in chocolate at Kiev's poshest Ukrainian restaurant"

9. "Brits' nouveau cuisine: the deep-fried chocolate sandwich"