Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Pets Out for a Stroll

1. "Lion walker startling dogs in Czech town"
"Jaroslav Kana bought Leon as a cub, and says his pet has given many a
 dog a fright as he walks him around the town centre and local parks
 twice a day"

2. "Running with a pet goat"  [third story down]
"Vinny Matassa has a pet goat. He jogs three times a week in Kennesaw
 Mountain National Battlefield Park with his pet goat Libby"

3. "Italian tourist in trouble for taking pet chicken for walk"
"The man inadvertently breached a strict ban across Holland and Belgium
 on letting chickens go free to control a killer poultry virus"

4. "Pet bear escapes during walk with owner"  [expired link]
"Authorities are warning area residents to cover their garbage cans and
 leash their dogs"

5. "Man spotted with snake"
"A German man had his 11-foot pet python confiscated after he walked
 around town with it around his shoulders"

6. "Man clears beach with snake"
"An Italian man cleared a section of beach when he let his pet python
 loose on the sand"

7. "Woman loses python while shopping"
"The woman, from Doornik [Belgium], left the snake in her car while she
 went inside a shop to buy it some food"

8. "Slippery traveller alarms air crew"
"A passenger was offloaded after he tried to feed milk to his pet snake
 on a flight in southern India"