Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Neighbourhood Disputes

1. "It's not easy being green for homeowner"
"[W]hen his neighbors called police last summer, complaining that the
 truck was noisy and an eyesore and the police made him move it, Mata,
 who says none of that's true, got mad. Then, he got even: He has
 painted his house a brilliant shade of fluorescent green. Serves you
 right, says Mata: 'Well, I thought if they said, 'The truck's an
 eyesore,' I'd give them a real eyesore'"

2. "Neighbour 'cut in chainsaw attack'"
"A man has allegedly cut through his neighbour's car door with a
 chainsaw, leaving the neighbour in a serious condition with stomach

3. "Lawyer posts poisonous snake to neighbour"
"Staton had asked for money for repairs to an vehicle he had bought
 from Jerrod. The demand escalated into an all-out feud between the
 neighbours, from Pocahontas in Arkansas, and Jerrod's father Bob
 suggested his son catch a poisonous snake and send it in the post"

4. "Hedge dispute might cost couple their home"
"When Paul Derwent and his wife Janet cut down 25 feet (7.6 meters)
 of laurel hedge on the boundary of their property in May 2000, they
 set off a legal dispute that now looks likely to cost them their
 home... The Derwents said they will have to sell their 600,000-pound
 (US$1.1 million) home, Linden House, to pay their 350,000-pound
 (US$630,000) legal bill"

5. "Man in court over abusive mynah bird"
"A Chinese man has taken his neighbour to court because his mynah bird
 keeps verbally abusing him"

6. "Dog's snore worse than its bite"
"A Romanian dog owner has been forced to leave his apartment after a
 court ordered his mastiff be removed from the building because its
 snoring was keeping the neighbours awake"

7. "Nightmare neighbor finally jailed"
"After being annoyed by a loud phone conversation, the man in his
 mid-30s decided to play music and movies at a decibel level that
 disturbed an entire neighborhood. The deafening revenge last from
 the summer of 2002 until the end of 2003"

8. "Flying ball sparks noisy neighbourly feud"
"A middle-aged Japanese housewife has been arrested for bombarding
 her neighbour around the clock for seven months with high-decibel
 sounds from a dozen radios and alarm clocks"