Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Pesky Pranksters

1. "Friends foil Olympia man's home"
"Downtown resident returns from trip to find belongings silver-coated"

2. "Toilet paper in principal's yard cleaned up"
"The Merwin home was the site of a homecoming prank that left the property
 awash in a sea of toilet paper"

3. "Eminence principal calls prank 'vandalism'"
"High school officials say a senior prank became a health hazard because
 hundreds of pounds of manure was spread on school doors and around the
 building, and dead animals, animal blood and stolen 'for sale' signs were
 put outside the school"

4. "Senior prank goes awry in Fremont"  [expired link]
"As part of a senior prank, students released about 50 mice at American High
 School, sending some students screaming and scrambling for safety atop tables
 and prompting other students to kick and stomp the mice"

5. "Radio prank leaves city leaders smoking"
"[D]isc jockeys on WXZZ ... told listeners that a new smoking ban had passed,
 prohibiting smoking in cars"

6. "Pranksters target gnome lovers"
"Garden gnome lovers have been targeted by official-looking letters that
 threaten prosecution if they do not remove their outdoor ornaments"

7. "House hoax drives council mad"
"Eager Simpsons fans have inundated Whittlesea Council in Melbourne with
 telephone calls after rumours the municipality had a real-life replica of
 the cartoon family's home"

8. "Michigan cops seek prankster jamming fast-food drive-thru with trash talk"
"Police in the northern Detroit suburb are looking for someone who is using
 a device to broadcast on the same frequency as a Burger King drive-through

9. "Airport prank"
"Some pranksters at an airport made up foreign looking names that when read
 over the public address system sound like something else entirely"

10. "Best computer pranks ever: Practical jokes guaranteed to drive your
     co-workers to distraction"
Don't try these at work unless you want to risk your job :)