Monday, January 10, 2005

Stupid Human Tricks

1. "Man shows how he lost thumb, and loses finger"
"An English machine operator lost part of his thumb in a workplace acci-
 dent, then lost a chunk of a finger on his other hand, while trying to
 demonstrate to bosses how the first accident happened"

2. "Indiana coroner giving demonstration on gun safety shoots self in leg"
"A gun safety demonstration went awry and landed Monroe County coroner
 David Toumey in the hospital after he shot himself in the leg"

3. "Man swallowed toothbrush"
"Doctors in India have operated on a man who 'accidentally' swallowed a
 seven inch toothbrush"

4. "Man superglued condom to penis"
"He and his wife decided to use contraception but the condom they bought
 was too big so he stuck it on with glue"

5. "Finger rescued from gas tank at Lincolnwood Mall"
"The man found some gum stuck to his shoe, so he reached his finger into
 the gas tank to get gasoline to rub the gum off -- and didn't get it
 out until more than an hour later. His finger was caught in a one-way
 flap in the inner part of the tank, and the gas level was not as high
 as he had hoped"

6. "Man gets stuck in child's tyre swing"
"An Austrian man got himself trapped in a swing made from a tyre after
 falling asleep"

7. "Man suffers severe burns trying to kill lice"
"The 26-year-old doused a towel with rubbing alcohol, put it on his head
 and then lit a cigarette, police said"

8. "UGA student severely burned during fraternity drinking ritual"
"The ritual involved 190-proof grain alcohol and a lighted oil lantern.
 Miller's clothes burst into flame, severely burning his upper torso"

9. "Cowboy ends up bare-bottomed on fence"
"[T]he unidentified man, fortified by more than a few drinks, tried to
 climb over a 2 1/2 meter-high fence as he was leaving an agriculture
 festival late Saturday night. When he was just about over the top his
 pant leg got caught, leaving him dangling upside down"