Sunday, June 24, 2007

Odds and Ends, Sun 24 June 2007

1. Lots of Titles
* "May The Form Be With You"
"Not to be outdone by British Airways' variety of 206 different titles,
 the Atlanta Botanical Gardens wanted to make sure they covered everyone
 on their donation form's dropdown box. Who would have thought that Sith
 Lords have a soft spot for botany?"

* British Airways' variety of 206 different titles
In the "Register" form on the right, click on the Title pull-down to
see all the available titles.

2. "The Baby-Name Business"
"Parents are feeling intense pressure to pick names that set their kids
 apart. Some are even hiring consultants. Alexandra Alter on the art of
 'branding' your newborn."

3. "Lost in translation"
"The Brits often assume that Germans have no sense of humour. In truth,
 writes comedian Stewart Lee, it's a language problem. The peculiarities
 of German sentence construction simply rule out the lazy set-ups that
 British comics rely on ..."

4. Broken Windows in Public Places
* Crashing Las Vegas
* Paint at the movies?!
* ATM Machine and Windows XP
* Sometimes even PSPs get the blues
* Windows Crash
* Windows Error Pictures
* What is Wrong With These Pictures?

5. Origin of CTRL-ALT-DEL
Why you do what you do to fix situations like those in item #4.

If youtube is blocked, try these alternatives:

6. The Computer Bed "The Tale"