Monday, November 1, 2004

World Wide Waits

1. "Couple still courting after 30 years"
"'Dating is much better than marrying, we do not have to worry about day-to-day
 problems. There are less fights and you don't have to put up with things you
 don't agree with'"

2. "Moroccan soldier keeps bride waiting for 24 years"
"But he had an excuse, he was in jail deep in the Sahara desert"

3. "It's a girl - family's first in 200 years"
"After eight generations of boys, Jade's birth this month took everyone by

4. "Welsh valley time forgot emerges from dark"
"Tucked deep in the Welsh mountains, Cwm Brefi will this week become the last
 village in Britain to connect to the electricity network"

5. "Couple switch on - after 37 years"
"Pat Payne, 74, and wife Margaret, 72, raised nine children in their farmhouse
 in Whepstead, near Bury St Edmunds, without electricity"

6. "After 28 years, phone line request turned down"
"A Romanian man who submitted a written request for a fixed phone line in 1976
 has finally received a reply from Romania's state-run Romtelecom, telling him
 it still has no lines available"

7. "Cheque's in the mail, 24 years late"
"A remorse-stricken Norwegian has finally settled a hotel bill 24 years after
 he fled without paying"

8. "Son repays dad 34 years on"
"A man who sold his prized Jaguar to buy a pram for his baby son in 1970, has
 been repaid with a new car on his 60th birthday"

9. "Better late than never"
"Austrian bureaucrats who held a collection for a family who lost everything in
 a fire have admitted they put the money in the safe - and forgot about it for
 more than a decade"

10. "20-year wait for ticket prize ends"
"[A] man from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory has received a prize of
 two tickets for the inaugural passenger rail journey to Darwin on the Ghan,
 more than 20 years after winning a Territory government competition"

11. "Premiere of kidnap movie that took 13 years to make"
"The unluckiest film in recent British movie history finally had its premiere
 last night at the London Film Festival after trials and tribulations that
 mirrored the story of incredible resilience it tells"