Friday, October 31, 2003

Scariest Moments on TV and Film + October Follow-ups

1. Scariest Moments on TV and Film

Britain's Channel 4 recently ran a poll to find "the 100 Scariest Moments
on TV and film".  The following articles report on or were inspired by that
* "Shining tops screen horrors"
* "Top 10 Scary Moments in Horror"
* "Scariest moments in film history: All fright on the night"

By the way, tonight is Halloween ...
"The History and Customs of Halloween"
Be warned that the site features some very annoying music.

2. Follow-ups to October Postings

[Flotsam and Jetsam]
* "Giant jellyfish turn up off Japanese coast"

[Not your average, everyday marriages]
* "Actress weds man who donated part of his liver to her"
* "Couple get married before meeting each other"
* "A pretty uncommon couple"
* "'Humane groom' to wed two sisters"

[Old-Fashioned Junk Mail]
* "1000 love letters could land luckless lady in lock-up"

[Teddy Bears in the News]
* "For October, TBE stands for Teddy Bear Elementary"