Friday, February 20, 2004

The Sound of Silence

No, this is has nothing to do with the Simon and Garfunkel song.

* "Crank it! iTunes sells sounds of silence--for real"
Not only can you buy some great tunes using Apple's iTunes Music Service
(iTMS), you can also buy silence.

* "Mix-up over sale of 'Silence' cleared up with a little talk"
"We are very happy for the track to be sold to anyone who wants it as an
 individual download" -- Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth / Ciccone Youth

* "The Sound... Of Silence"
The original "As The Apple Turns" article referred to in the first link.
Here's the playlist for the "Silence" compilation:
 1. "(Silence)" by Ciccone Youth, The Whitey Album (1:03)
 2. "Silence" by Bill Schaeffer, Grain of Sand (1:56)
 3. "(Silent) [1]" by Slum Village, Trinity (Past, Present, and Future) (0:04) [EXPLICIT]
 4. "Silence" by Guster, Keep It Together (0:30)
 5. "Silence" by Pat, Message from a Manchild (0:59)
 6. "(Silent) [2]" by Slum Village, Trinity (Past, Present, and Future) (0:04) [EXPLICIT]
 7. "Silence" by Dean Taba, More Is More (1:00)
 8. "(Silent) [3]" by Slum Village, Trinity (Past, Present, and Future) (0:07) [EXPLICIT]
 9. "Silent Track" by Robert Earl Keen, Walking Distance (1:01)

There are "Clean" versions of the Slum Village tracks available if you prefer.

Alas iTMS seems not to have John Cage's epic silent piece 4'33".  Which leads
into ...

* "Silent music dispute resolved"
"Musician Mike Batt had paid a six-figure sum to settle a bizarre dispute over
 who owns copyright to a silent musical work"

* "Radio 3 to air Cage's 'silence'"