Friday, September 5, 2003

Consider Yourself Warned

A. Microsoft - Just Say No

Bashing Micro$oft is just too easy these days. It seems every week at
least one new security hole is announced or a new virus is released.
Today it's five security warnings. Perhaps they subscribe to the view
that "any publicity is good publicity".

1. "Microsoft Issues Five New Security Warnings"

2. "Microsoft Windows: Insecure by Design"

3. "Taking Microsoft to task on spam"

4. "Slammer worm crashed Ohio nuke plant network"

B. Silly Warning Labels

1. "101 Dumb Warning Labels"
   Review of book: "Wearing Of This Garment Does Not Enable You To Fly:
   101 Real Dumb Warning Labels."

2. "Warning: this salmon may contain fish"
   "Top 10 ludicrous labels"

3. "Stupid Warning Labels"