Friday, October 29, 2004

Reel 'Em In

People are always on the look out for new ways to attract customers, votes and
support.  Here are some recent examples.  Viewers of last night's Mondo Thingo
would have seen another novel way to swing someone's vote.

1. "Czechs given beers in return for blood donation"
"Czechs are being offered two beers in return for their blood in an effort to
 recruit blood and bone marrow donors"

2. "Teachers lured by chocolate ploy"
"An Essex school which advertised for a new teacher who 'must like chocolate'
 has seen a huge increase in applications for the job"

3. "Paris stores try striptease to seduce customers"
"Hundreds of women were expected to flock to the venerable shopping hub
 yesterday for free striptease lessons. The store has hired two professional
 pole dancers to provide expert advice"

4. "Voters offered free striptease"
"Ukrainian voters are being offered a free striptease in a bid to win their
 votes for a presidential candidate"

5. "'Vote liberal and I'll strip,' Hungary ad girl says"
"'Boys, if you vote for the liberals, I'll strip,' a girl in jeans and a
 revealing shirt teases Hungarian voters in a mock advert for the European

6. "Free meals for lasting love"
"A Chinese restaurant is offering a free meal to dining couples if they come
 back, still together, a year later"

7. "Dinner leftovers become art"
"A Chilean artist is offering her audience a free dinner as part of her new
 exhibition. The dirty plates, cutlery and leftovers will then make up part
 of the display"

8. "Soccer club to snag more spectators"
"Bottom-placed Czech first division football club Chmel Blsany has launched
 a new campaign to lure fans to its game, promising free sausages to them
 if the team scores a goal"

9. "Football club's jobs offer"
"A Brazilian football team is trying to boost crowds by raffling off jobs at