Sunday, July 31, 2005

Some Time-Wasters

I haven't been able to post much lately.  Here are a few time-wasters
that should keep you busy for a while ...

1. iPod Flea
[Huge] QuickTime movie, a parody of Apple iPods.

2. Moby Blaster
A Breakout clone [Shockwave].

3. Notepad Invaders
A version of Space Invaders.
I managed 15530 points before the sounds got too annoying.

4. Mergeroids
Asteroids with a political bent.

5. Snow Storm
Make like Homer J. Simpson and clear snow from the parking lot.

6. Planarity
A thinking game: arrange the vertices such that no edges overlap.
I completed level 7, scoring 2071 points, then got bored.

7. Test your geography:
 * European Geography Level 3
   My score: 40/45 89%, average error=29 miles, time=362 seconds
 * Asian Geography Level 3
   My score: 27/32 84%

8. Infocom Adventures
Play Infocom Adventures online [require Java].  These were big when
I got my first computer, but I was never into them.

9. The Hitchhiker Adventure Game - 20th Anniversary Edition
Requires Flash.

10. Calculator Words
Learn a "language" consisting of English written with the digits of a