Friday, December 24, 2004

Pre-Christmas Wrap

1. "True love's Christmas gift tally: $66,334"
"Each year, the Pittsburgh-based bank does a tongue-in-cheek tally of how
 much the drummers drumming, pipers piping, ladies dancing, turtle doves
 and golden rings would set you back if you bought them for your true
 love at today's prices"
   "PNC Advisors 12 Days of Christmas Price Index"

2. "Mary and Joseph role for The Beckhams"
"David and Victoria Beckhams' waxworks take the role of Mary and Joseph.
 President Bush, Tony Blair and The Duke of Edinburgh are the Three Wise
 Men and Kylie Minogue is the Guardian Angel"
[Arguably the most misguided casting ever, or someone has a wicked sense
 of humour]
   "Beckham nativity scene attacked in London"
"A protester has knocked over a controversial waxwork nativity scene
 featuring the England soccer captain David Beckham and his wife Victoria"

3. "Stars queue up to ask Santa for presents"
"'Santa to the Stars' Brady White earns 5,000 dollars (around £2,600) a
 night by listening to the Xmas wish lists of the famous"

4. "It's Santa brawls!"
"The world's biggest gathering of Santa Clauses has ended in a mass
 brawl... Some 4,200 people dressed as Father Christmas gathered in
 a small Welsh town for a charity festive fun run. But it turned into
 festive fisticuffs after some of the Santas headed to the pub for a
 seasonal tipple"

5. "Police escort for Santa"
"Father Christmas is to be given a police escort in a Scottish town
 after coming under attack from youths throwing rocks and bottles"

6. "Plot to oust Santa"
"A group of Germans wants to get rid of Santa, saying he has become a
 symbol of the commercialisation of Christmas"

7. "Festive Britons lead world for boozing and going away"
"Britons can proudly claim to come top in the world league table this
 Christmas for getting out of their heads and getting out of the country"

8. "Marge to give Christmas message"
"The blue-haired cartoon character will make her broadcast from
 Springfield, and is expected to talk about the importance of families
 getting on"


If I don't get a chance to say it personally, I hope you have a happy
and safe Christmas.