Monday, June 21, 2010

Gomez - A Rough Guide

From Wikipedia:
"Gomez are an English indie rock band from Southport. The band are
 distinguished for having 3 singers and 4 songwriters, employing
 traditional and electronic instruments. Their sound is versatile and
 evades typical music genres falling into indie, alternative, rock,
 folk and experimental."

An English band with a Spanish name.  Looking at images of the band
members in the early days, you wonder they could produce such mature
sounds.  The style is often very different to that of the band's
contemporaries.  That's probably what got my attention.

The official web site:

Many of the band's clips are on an official YouTube "channel":

The links in the guide below are to YouTube movies.  If the links are
blocked, you can try listening to some clips at:

The "rough guide" ...

1. "78 Stone Wobble"
The band's first album, "Bring It On", was released in 1998.  It was
produced by the band, and it won the 1998 Mercury Music Prize for best
album.  This is the first single, and it introduces the eclectic feel of
the band's music and quirky lyrics.  There are three singers in the
band, and on this track they all get a turn at the mike.

2. "Get Myself Arrested"
This is the second single from the debut album.  A suitably eccentric

3. "Whippin' Piccadilly"
The third single from "Bring It On", has a lighter, catchier sound.

4. "Get Miles"
A live version of the bluesy opening track from "Bring It On".  Of the
three singers in the band, I like this guy's vocal style the most.

Other standout tracks on the band's very solid debut album include
"Make No Sound" and "Here Comes The Breeze".

5. "Bring It On"
The band's second album, "Liquid Skin", was released in 1999.  Again, it
was self-produced, and arguably refines the style from the band's debut.
Oddly, the first single from "Liquid Skin" has the same title as the
band's first album.  The official video clip mocks a series of public
service announcements.

6. "Rhythm & Blues Alibi"
The second single from "Liquid Skin".  As in several songs, there are
multiple vocal parts.

7. "We Haven't Turned Around"
The third single from "Liquid Skin".  A quieter, more melodic affair.

Other highlights from "Liquid Skin" include "Revolutionary Kind" and
"Blue Moon Rising".

The band released an EP, "Machismo" in 2000.  The clip for the title
track is on YouTube.  A collection of B-sides and other rarities,
"Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline", was also released in 2000.

8. "Shot Shot"
For the third album "In Our Gun", released in 2002, the band broadened
its musical palette a bit with the introduction of some electronic and
dub influences.  It may have alienated some of its fans, but the band
manages to pull off another solid album.  This is the opening track and
first single.

9. "Sound of Sounds"
The second single from "In Our Gun" is a great singalong ballad.  The
three singers deliver some great harmonies.

10. "Ping One Down"
Another single from "In Our Gun".

Other top songs from the album include the title track, "Even Song" and
"1000 Times".

11. "Silence"
The band's fourth album, "Split the Difference", was released in 2004.
It was the first album where the band used an outside producer, and was
a more standard rock and roll affair.  I have to admit it's not my
favourite Gomez album, but it does have its moments.  This is the second
single from "Split the Difference" is an example of the straight-up
rockers on the album.

12. "Sweet Virginia"
The third single from "Split the Difference" is a slower-paced ballad,
and probably my favourite track on the album.  There doesn't appear to
be an official video, so I've picked this unofficial clip.

Other favourites from "Split the Difference" include "Chicken Out" (a
stomper) and "There It Was" (a ballad).

The band released a live album, "Out West" in 2005.  It includes tracks
from the band's first four albums, plus a couple of covers.

13. "How We Operate"
"How We Operate" was the fifth studio album by the band. It was released
2006, and was produced by Gil Norton (the Pixies, Foo Fighters).  In my
opinion it was a sparkling return to the energy and eclecticism of the
band's earlier work.  The first single is the title track.

14. "Girlshapedlovedrug"
The second single from "How We Operate" is a lighter, catchy pop song,
with an appropriately quirky video clip.

15. "See The World"
Another single from "How We Operate".

Other standout tracks from the album "All Too Much" (an awesome song,
unfortunately I couldn't find a clip for it) and "Hamoa Beach".

Another collection of rarities, "Five Men in a Hut", was released in

16. "Airstream Driver"
Album number six, "A New Tide", was released in 2009.  This is the
first single.

17. "Little Pieces"
This is a live acoustic version of the second single from "A New Tide".

Other highlights from "A New Tide" include "Mix" and "Other Plans".

Some members of the band collaborated on another EP while on tour in
2009.  "Final Keep Me Up" was recorded using only iPhones.  Currently
it's only available online at: <>.