Thursday, November 4, 2004

Follow the Trail II

1. "Toilet roll wraps up intentional damage case"
"The toilet paper trail at the Mangaokewa Reserve, about 2km from of Te Kuiti,
 led to a stolen digger"

2. "Cash register tape trailed into the bushes where they were hiding"
"When officers arrived, they found that the front door had been kicked in and
 the cash register was stolen. But the roll of tape that records transactions
 in the register was unraveling behind the thieves as they ran away"

3. "Burglar leaves trail of paint"  [second story down]
"[A] suspected crook spilled paint on the floor of a homeowner's garage, then
 walked through it. Police followed the footprints to a nearby motel"

4. "Bank theft suspect caught on BART"  [expired link]
"A bank robber probably thought he got away clean when he made it into the
 Downtown Berkeley BART station Friday evening. But a colorful red trail from
 an exploding dye pack led Berkeley police to their man"

5. "German thief caught by trail of blood"
"A thief in Germany was caught after a sniffer dog followed a trail of blood
 from the scene to a local hospital"

6. "Blood-red money leads to a suspect"  [expired link]
"Struggling and trying to escape, Reed dove through a plate-glass window and
 landed on a balcony, severely slashing his leg, according to authorities"

7. "Gary Goodwill Jr leaves behind a mile-long mud trail from a vandalized
    Highland Township lawn"  [expired link]