Sunday, June 26, 2005

Where am I? - using Google Maps

Google Maps has expanded it's catalogue of satellite imagery, now covering most
of the known world.

I've picked a few landmarks for you to guess "where am I?":

1a. <,138.5961&spn=0.003787,0.004957&t=k>
1b. <,138.5961&spn=0.060596,0.07930&t=k>
     Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, South Australia
2.  <,12.3387&spn=0.003787,0.004957&t=k>
     St Mark's Square, Venice, Italy
3.  <,12.4919&spn=0.003787,0.004957&t=k>
     Colosseum, Rome, Italy
4.  <,2.2942&spn=0.003787,0.004957&t=k>
     Eiffel Tower, Paris, France