Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Museums of the Modern Age

1. "New Swedish herring museum creates a stink"
"A new museum dedicated to the smelly Swedish delicacy of fermented Baltic
 herring opens its doors this weekend in northern Sweden, giving visitors
 a unique olfactory experience"

2. "Odorama celebrates Italy's 'white diamonds'"
"Italy's warty white truffles, once aphrodisiacs for the ancient Romans
 and now the most expensive fungi in the world, are finally getting their
 own museum"

3. "Elvis-A-Rama museum casts net for impersonators"
"A Las Vegas museum dedicated to the memory and myth of Elvis Presley has
 launched a worldwide casting call for impersonators of the King"

4. "Mining museum clinches arts prize"
"Big Pit, a disused Welsh coal mine which reopened as a working museum,
 wins the UK's biggest arts award"

5. "Historic hair salon museum piece"
"A 1950s hairdressing salon is being dismantled piece by piece to be
 rebuilt at the Museum of Welsh Life"

6. "Kids, we're going to the foreign debt museum"
"Three years after staging the largest debt default in modern history,
 Argentina has opened what may be the first Museum of Foreign Debt to
 teach people the perils of borrowing abroad"

7. "Child's play at 20,000 toy museum"
"A new museum of childhood, housing a collection of over 20,000 toys, is
 to open in west Wales"

8. "Mower man's museum a cut above the rest"
"Brian Radam is mad about lawnmowers - he loves their smell, their sound,
 the way they look and the way they are built, and he is not the only one"

9. "Science museum ready to gross out visitors"
"[I]n addition to the wonders of the world already on display, Minnesota's
 Science Museum will open Animal Grossology"

10. "Gross side of life"
"if you always wanted to know why vomit stinks, how much gas people pass
 on an average day or how to make fake boogers; well, friend, you may be
 a grossologist, and the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose has some-
 thing for you"