Monday, September 13, 2004

Confused Animals

1. "Spaniel adopts hare"
"Mr Poortman says the dog took an instant liking to the hare, which he's named
 Flappy, and they shared her basket"

2. "Strange bedfellows"
"Muschi, a small cat that formed an unlikely friendship with a half-tonne bear
 called 'mouse' in Berlin Zoo"

3. "Family discovers its cat nursing mice"
"[T]he Wellers saw their cat Patches nursing and caring for the mice as if
 they were part of her litter"

4. "Bison baby thinks she's a puppy"
"After a month in her new home, Bianca thinks she's just one of the family dogs"

5. "20-year-old horse, moose become pals"
"A yearling female moose and a 20-year-old horse have become pals at a farm
 just outside Groton village"

6. "Lemur thinks stuffed cow is mum"
"A baby ring-tailed lemur abandoned by its mother has found an unusual new
 mum, in the form of a stuffed toy cow"

7. "Chicken that likes to think it's a dog"
"Her tiny bantam, called Mrs Seabright, despises the other chickens, preferring
 to sleep in the same bed as her two pet collies, Jess and Lexi"

8. "Dazed and Confused"
"Study finds that some animals suffer from confusion, too"