Monday, August 9, 2004

Unusual Cross-Country Expeditions

1. "Group plan to swim across Oz"
"Twenty West Australians are planning to swim to Sydney in a pool on the back
 of a truck"

2. "Swiss man sails through Australian desert"
"A Swiss national will have hit the halfway mark of his dream of traversing
 Australia in a sailboat when he reaches Alice Springs in the Northern

3. "American engineer golfs across Mongolia, one stroke at a time"
"After nine months of traversing the Mongolian steppe with nothing but a Jeep,
 a tent and a three-iron, Tolme has completed his journey of golfing across
 the land once ruled by Genghis Khan"

4. "Sherpa plans 2,700-mile football dribble"
"The grandson of legendary Everest climber Sherpa Tenzing Norgay plans to
 dribble a football 2,700 miles across India"

5. "Buddhist marathon monk completes seven-year run"
"The run in the Hiei mountains, a range of five peaks that rise above the
 ancient capital of Kyoto, covered a distance equivalent to a trip round the

6. "Indian rolls 265 miles to help build new temple"
"An Indian man has rolled 265 miles on a road in blistering heat to raise
 money to help build a Hindu temple"

7. "Arts student rolls barrel 150 kms"
"It took Davies, a student at Red Deer College in central Alberta, five days
 to make the trip, but the 28-year-old said the effort was worth it if he
 persuaded people to vote for change in the provincial election expected
 next spring"

8. "Geordie celebrates after walking length of country carrying door"
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