Sunday, July 10, 2011

How TV Ruined Your Life


A great six episode series which uses (mostly dark) humour to state the
obvious: television has ruined our lives.  Be warned that Brooker's
style of humour is described as "savage and profane, with surreal
elements and a consistent satirical pessimism".  I particularly liked
episode three, which among other things takes a swipe at reality shows
and minor celebrities.

Links to individual episodes on YouTube:
1. "Fear"
From hysterical public information films to grisly crime dramas, terror
spills out of almost every channel. As Charlie explores TV's approach to
fear, you won't know whether to laugh or scream.

2. "The Lifecycle"
From kids shows to Countdown, TV has something to infuriate anyone of
any age.

3. "Aspiration"
From Dallas to Grand Designs, television continually rubs desirable
lifestyles in your face, making you feel inadequate in the process.

4. "Love"
Charlie Brooker argues that TV has warped our expectations of romance
with a toxic combination of Blind Date and rom-coms. Do 'soulmates' even

5. "Progress"
From the moon landings to Blake's 7 to CSI: Miami, Charlie Brooker
argues that television has warped our relationship with technology.

6. "Knowledge"
Charlie Brooker traces how TV's notion of knowledge has changed from
bespectacled experts to celebrity presenter drivel.

You can watch them all one after the other, followed by some related