Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Unusual Payment Options

1. "A pizza a week"
"A Norwegian soccer player has been tempted to continue his career after a
 local club promised him a rather unusual salary"

2. "German film fans get to watch first, pay later"
"Under the motto Pay Later, visitors to the Friedrichsbau cinema in Freiburg
 are able to decide for themselves how much they want to pay once they have
 seen the movie"

3. "The economics of trust"
"[A] restaurant in the suburbs of London where there are no prices on the
 menu. Customers pay what they think the meal was worth"

4. "'Pay what you want' airfare"  [expired link]
"Even as airlines in Asia slug it out with new low-cost rivals, a new
 European budget airline has come up with a new promotional gimmick to
 attract customers. It is telling passengers: pay what you want to pay"

5. "Pay-What-You-Want ticket policy begins January 2004"

6. "Bell Mobility clients hit by billing errors"
"Bell says, until the system is fixed, subscribers should pay only what
 they think they owe. Overpayments will be refunded, and interest will
 not be charged for late or underpayments"

7. "Free parking for a song"
"Visitors to Leiden during the city's annual music festival gain free
 entrance to the main car park if they agree to sing"