Thursday, November 11, 2004

Falling Down - Lucky Escapes II

1. "Sleeping man survives cliff plunge"
"He later awoke to the sound of waves crashing around him after the vehicle
 dropped down a 15-metre embankment and came to rest at the bottom, upside
 down on the rocks in the surf"

2. "Cavorting couple careen off cliff"
"A couple who parked for a bit of passion on wheels got the surprise of their
 lives after their raucous rocking sent their car over a cliff in the west of

3. "Husband catches falling wife"
"A Chinese woman who accidentally fell from the balcony of her fifth-floor
 apartment was caught by her husband standing below"

4. "Man's survival 'miracle'"
"An elderly Taiwanese man who plummeted 12 storeys to the ground after he
 fell from his apartment balcony while changing a lightbulb survived with
 only minor bruises"

5. "Lada softens man's 50ft fall"
"A Serbian man survived a 50 foot fall from his flat by landing on the roof
 of Lada parked below"

6. "Toddler survives 80ft fall"
"A two-year-old Romanian boy survived an 80ft fall down a rubbish chute from
 the top of a nine-storey block of flats"

(a John West post)