Monday, September 1, 2003

Adrian Lafond's Flash Stuff + August Follow-ups

1. Adrian Lafond's Flash Stuff

2. Follow-ups to August Postings

[Not the Nine O'Clock News]
* "Blair Says Britain Must Back Bush In Order To Become 51st State"
* "Dell Patents 'Reboot and See If That Fixes It' Technical Support Process"

[Don't Have A Cow!]
* "Woman says runaway cows attacked her car"
* "More cow comforts"

[Celebrating Failure]
* "Failure Is the New Success"
* "Bombs Away!: The top 10 biggest box office failures"
* "German town erects statue to historic gaffe"

[Animals In The Workforce]
* "Goats do great job of guarding business against burglars"

[Action Figures and other Dolls]
* "'Smart' doll can see and read"

[Stories from the Dung-Heap]
* "Railway shelves lion dung experiment"