Monday, January 3, 2005

2004 in Review + December Postings Reprised

A. 2004 in Review

Recent events have made 2004 a particularly tragic one for many people.
Many websites have posted reviews of the past year.  Here are a few of
the more unusual retrospectives ...

1. "2004 Year-End Google Zeitgeist"
"Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google"

2. "Top 10 Net Hoaxes / Urban Legends of 2004"

3. "Film Threat's Frigid 50: The coldest people in Hollywood 2004"

4. "The biggest movie mistakes from 2004"

5. "Some unusual statements in the news in 2004"

6. "Least popular baby names for 2004 revealed"
[Don't take this one too seriously]

B. December Postings Reprised

[Order in the House]
* "'Bloody' MPs do as they please"
"The Speaker of South Australia's Parliament has ruled that it is accept-
 able for MPs to use the word 'bloody' in the House but they still cannot
 say 'please'."

[Cunning Disguises]
* "Santas giving away marijuana"
"Police in Rio de Janeiro have arrested two drug dealers dressed as Santa"
* "Make-believe NATO soldiers rob security van"
"Thieves masquerading as NATO soldiers have stolen a million euros ($US1.3
 million) from a Bosnian security van on the last day of the alliance's
 peace mission in the country"

[Caught Napping]
* "Man takes squad car, crashes, sleeps"
"An armed robbery suspect used the arrest of his partner as a diversion
 to steal a new patrol car, crash into a ditch, break into a woman's home
 and then fall asleep on her couch"
* "Thief falls asleep after robbery"
"A burglar in Argentina fell asleep inside the house he was robbing"

[Smelly Stories]
* "Lawyers sue over smelly courtrooms"
"Romanian authorities are facing a legal challenge from some of the
 country's top lawyers over courtrooms they say smell like stables"
* "Couple 'poisoned' by sofa awarded damages"
"A Norwegian court has awarded a young couple 356,000 kroner ($US57,700)
 in damages after the stench of their Italian leather sofa made them
 physically ill and forced them to move out of their apartment"
* "Germany's smelly Xmas cards"
"Germany's post office is giving away millions of free scented stickers
 this year to make Christmas cards smell of honey and fir trees"
* "Britney 'stinks'"
"Britney Spears caused a real stink when her smelly feet gassed a plane
 full of people"

* "Twins swap identities for jail break"
"Brotherly love was put to the test this week after two 18-year-old
 identical twins swapped their clothing and traded places so that one
 could escape jail"

[Impromptu Crimefighters]
* "Woman fights off intruder with a poker"
"Authorities said the woman grabbed a fireplace poker and began to strike
 the man with it. When the man tried to get away from her, she began
 grabbing his clothes and tearing them off"