Monday, February 9, 2004

Dream Jobs

Where do you want to work today?

For me it would be a combination of:
* doing something meaningful
* large element of creativity
* working with people you get on well with
* enjoyable and productive environment
Fortunately my current job meets most of these requirements.

1. "Dream Jobs: These Careers are the Stuff of Dreams.
    From Archeologist to Zamboni Driver"

2. Top Ten Dream Jobs (From A&E's "Top Ten" program)

3. Dream Jobs 2004 (IEEE)

4. "He blows things up so you don't have to"

5. "Empire of fun"
   "Inside Pixar's goofy digs"
"Imaginative 'Finding Nemo' born in Pixar's playful, collaborative workplace"

6. "Top ten reasons to work at Google"
   "What can you expect at Google?"

7. "Dream job offer for sweet-toothed youngsters"