Sunday, May 7, 2006

Matchstick Models and Cardstacking

Over the weekend I watched (again) a great French comedy "The Dinner Game"
("Le Dîner de Cons").  This post is inspired by one of the characters in
the film, who builds models of famous landmarks, e.g. the Eiffel Tower,
using matchsticks.  To find out more about the film, and to read some
reviews, check out the Amazon page:

1. Matchstick Marvels: Museum
"Iowa artist Patrick Acton turns ordinary wooden matchsticks into incredible
 works of art.  The Matchstick Marvels display is wood art at its best,
 showing creativity and detail work unmatched by other skilled woodworkers.
 Millions of matchsticks have been painstakingly glued together to represent
 models of planes, trains, ships, or anything else that strikes his

2. Bryan Berg Guinness World Record Cardstacker
"Bryan Berg, the acknowledged inventor of cardstacking on the grand scale"
The Cardstacker Gallery: