Friday, July 16, 2004

Perfect Formulas

1. "A formula for the perfect movie?"
"According to Clayton, the blueprint for the perfect film is for it to have
 30 percent action, 17 percent comedy, 13 percent good versus evil, 12 percent
 sex and romance, 10 percent special effects, 10 percent plot, and 8 percent
   "Professor explores science of scary films"
"[C]ommunications professor Greg M. Smith says the best scary movies simply set
 an ominous mood, spread out the bad stuff and let the audience scare themselves"

2. "A + N x D = perfect family Christmas?"
"Mr Eldridge claims the formula will help families choose the perfect game,
 which, in turn, will lead to the perfect stress-free Christmas ...
 0.22a + 0.17f + 0.153n + (0.12c - 0.1g) + 0.1s + 0.09e + 0.06d + 0.054l
 + 0.05m + 0.011c = pfg"

3. "Scientists devise perfect joke formula"
"The mathematical equation for the perfect joke has been revealed by scientists
 ... c=(m+nO)/p"

4. "Scientists have maths formula for perfect beach"
"Experts from Wales, Turkey and Malta came up with
 D=(-2xA12) + (1+A23) + (1xA34) + (2xA45) divided by AT"

5. "'Perfect sandcastle' formula unveiled"
"It's OW0.125 x s - or one part water to eight parts sand"

6. "Boffins build the perfect snowman"
"After decades of research and development, members of the department have
 worked out 10 surefire steps for creating the perfect snowman"

7. "Formula for perfect-tasting strawberries and cream"
"Experts from Nottingham University found that to get the best flavour from a
 portion of seven strawberries - about 210 grams - they should be served with
 105 grams of cream"

8. "Using math to find the best movie seat"
"A Canadian math professor says give him the numbers and he can tell you
 where's the best seat in the movie house, with a little calculus and geometry"

9. "Formula for the Perfect Parallel Park"
"Max ((r + w/2)2 + f2, (r + w/2)2 + b2) ? min (4r2, (r + w/2 + k)2)"

10. "Formula for the perfect formula"
"However mundane a task you are trying to perform, whether it's watering the
 garden or ironing a shirt, someone somewhere will probably have worked out a
 formula for doing it more effectively"