Friday, September 3, 2004

Strange Happenings In Sport

1. "US baseball player injured while sneezing"
"A US baseball player has injured his back after sneezing - twice"

2. "Mighty wind disturbs snooker star"
"According to the tabloid Sun, one fan broke wind loudly, others coughed
 deliberately and a woman chattered throughout the two-hour epic in an
 effort to distract Hendry"

3. "Rugby league player gains a tooth"
"A rugby league player had an opponent's tooth embedded in his head - and
 didn't even notice until after the match"

4. "Texas Ranger hit by phone"
"A 24-year-old man accused of throwing a cell phone that hit Texas Rangers
 right-fielder Carl Everett in the back of the head during a game faces a
 charge of assault with a deadly weapon"

5. "Football player penalized for phone call (during game)"
"The New Orleans pro football receiver couldn't wait to talk about his
 touchdown, so he pulled out a cell phone and made a call -- from the
 end zone"

6. "Lambie: I slapped player with dead pigeon"
"'I did once hit a player in the jaw with a dead pigeon. His name was Declan
 Roche and he was talking back to me - so I got these dead pigeons out of a
 box and slapped him round the face with one'"

7. "Player sent off for tackling streaker"
"A policeman playing football in an amateur cup final was sent off for tackling
 a streaker"

8. "Fan pulls down ref's shorts and pants"
"A Belgian referee says he'll never officiate another match after his shorts
 and pants were pulled down during a game"