Monday, August 16, 2004

Music Nobody Wants To Hear

1. "Ice-T and David Hasselhoff team up for rap album"
"'Baywatch' star to reinvent himself as 'Hassle The Hoff'"

2. "William Shatner to release new album"
"William Shatner has recorded a new album featuring a guest appearance by US
 punk legend Henry Rollins"
   "Shatner 'recording Pulp song'"
"The new song is a duet with singer Joe Jackson"

3. "Debut gig for MPs' new boy band"
"A band with a difference made its debut on Thursday night as four MPs put
 aside all political differences and play their first public gig"

4. "Powell gets down at ASEAN forum"
"Mr Powell donned a hard hat and stuffed a hammer in his belt for the Village
 People's disco hit YMCA"

5. "David Beckham records 'duet' with Victoria"
"David's contribution is a voicemail message of him asking Victoria to ring
 him back and saying he loves her"