Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Personality Indicators

Forget the Rorschach Inkblot Test
    <> , or
the long-winded questionnaire in the Myer-Briggs Test
    <> .
Here are some alternative personality indicators ...

1. "What your computer says about you"
"The computer in front of you could provide an insight into the kind of
 person you are. Psychologists say that a computer's virtual desktop can
 tell you as much about a person's personality as their real desktop"

2. "Biscuits the key to business personalities"
"Businessmen and women give away their personality every time they bite
 into a biscuit, according to new research"

3. "Mentioning the unmentionable: Find out what your underwear says about you"
"Granny panties can mean you prefer comfort and functionality to style"

4. "What your favorite snack says about you"
"The foods you choose to snack on may reveal more about you than you
 realize, researchers say"

5. "So annoying . . but they brring in the money"
[examines the question: what does your ringtone say about you?]
   "What your ringtone says about you"  [expired link]
"For example, young people choose popular music to show they fit in. An
 aggresive young professional may choose an action movie or tv show theme
 because they have no real action or drama in their lives. And people who
 don't choose ringtones at all view their phones a purely functional items
 and are too busy to download or choose a custom ringtone"