Wednesday, July 21, 2004

It's Never Too Late To Start ...

1. "93-year-old bachelor finally marries"
"After years of waiting for the right woman, a 93-year-old bachelor in remote
 north-eastern India pronounced himself a happy man this week after wedding
 his 63-year-old landlady"

2. "94-year-old peer passes driving test"
"At 94-years-old, Lord Renton has become one of the oldest people in Britain
 to pass the driving test for the first time"

3. "Kenyan grandad joins primary school at 84"
"An 84-year-old Kenyan grandfather has joined primary school to learn to read
 after the government introduced free primary education last year"

4. "Man, 87, takes on university degree"
"An 87-year-old man is starting a degree in Ecological and Environment
 Protection at a university in Romania"

5. "Woman earns diploma at age 90"
"So after outliving three husbands and letting seven decades pass since her
 last high school class, Babson decided a few years ago it was time to go back
 to school"

6. "Pensioner, 91, called up for army"
"Army spokesman Colonel Alexander Barthou said the letter had been supposed
 to go to an 18-year-old, also from Bad Ischl, with the same name"

7. "Grandmother trading baking cookies for combat"
"56-year-old reservist being called to active duty for first time"

8. "101-year-old man parachutes into record books"
"A 101-year-old man is believed to be the world's oldest skydiver after he
 accepted a dare from friends and jumped out of an airplane Wednesday at
 nearly 10,000 feet"