Tuesday, May 18, 2004

SMS Alerts II

1. "Britons using text to break up more often"
"Nine per cent of Britons admit to dumping a partner by sending an SMS text
 message on a cell phone - possibly signalling the beginning of the end for
 the 'Dear John' letter"

2. "Need a prayer? Just SMS Ganesh in India"

3. "Poets compose text message love poems"

4. "Couple to exchange vows by SMS"

5. "Errant Valentine text message nearly causes split"

6. "Mis-sent text ends MP's marriage"
"A South African member of parliament is getting divorced after he inadvertently
 sent an amorous text message meant for his mistress to his wife instead"

7. "Mswati fired PM by SMS, claim angry MPs"
"Swaziland's King Mswati fired former prime minister Sibusiso Dlamini last year
 via a text message on his cellphone"

8. "Murder predicted in text message"
"A mother wrote a text message predicting her own murder on the day she was
 stabbed to death by her former husband"

9. "Man sends 'sorry' SMS for shooting"

10. "Crashed cars to text message for help"

11. "Marathon runners can send texts from course"