Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Days of the Week

Today is Wednesday.  Ever wondered how they came up with such a name for the
middle day of the week?  In the English world at least, the name derives from
the head god of Norse mythology, Odin, or Woden in Scandinavian: Woden's day.
Tomorrow is Thor's day, and after that it's Frigga's day (I kid you not).
Saturday breaks the pattern of naming days after Norse gods and goddesses,
since it is Saturn's day (a Roman god and planet).

In Italian and many Latin-based languages, the middle week day is named after
the Roman god (and planet) Mercury.

The following sites examine the week day names and their origins in more detail.
Some compare how days are named in other languages, past and present.

* The Origin of the Days of the Week

* The Days of the Week

* Days of the Week in Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese

* Our seven-day week
Includes a formula: What day was a certain date?