Friday, May 28, 2004

PowerLabs Microwave Experiments + May Postings Reprised

1. PowerLabs Microwave Experiments

"PowerLabs here presents what *NOT* to do with your Microwave oven!"

2. May Postings Reprised

[Vintage Products 4]
Some real-life gizmos with a vintage look
* The ElectriClerk"
* Panasonic CQ-TX5500D Vacuum Tube CD Reciever [sic]
* Predicta: art deco-style TV sets for the 21st Century

[There's A ... In My Food]
* "Waiter eats fly found in diner's food"
"A waiter in a restaurant in China ate a fly after a customer found the dead
 insect in her food"

[Man Bites Dog!]
* "Woman bites snake's head off"
"A Florida woman's been arrested for allegedly biting the head off a friend's
 pet python"

[Falling Down - Lucky Escapes]
* "Woman, 102, survives fall from window"
"Doctors in Turin have hailed a 102-year-old woman a 'miracle' after she fell
 out of a fourth-floor window and survived with just a few scratches"
* "Toddler survives 26ft fall"
"A German toddler escaped without injury after falling 26 feet from a house"

[Celebrity News - Divas and Crooners]
* "Avril on the attack: The punk-pop princess may be girlier now, but she's
   still taking swipes"
"'I'm wearing a dress,' says the famously tomboyish singer"